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How to Install Laminate Flooring the Easy and Quick Way If you are looking for flooring materials for any room in your house, it will be a great choice for you to get laminates since these are cheap and easy to install. Laminates come in various finishes, like wood or stone and textured that gives the look of the real thing. When you install laminate flooring, the process is simple and straightforward. Laminate floors are not directly nailed or glued to the sub-floor thereby getting another name as floating floors. The so-called floating of the laminate flooring allows the materials to expand or contract and settle well in the room especially during changes in temperature or environment. The installation process of laminate flooring is fast and easy for anybody to do thus leading to savings of time and money. There are connectors that you can use on laminate floorings that would allow you to easily connect the pieces together. Depending on what you will have chosen as your laminate flooring, you can opt either the process of glue, glue-less or pre-glued in your installation procedure. Depending on the quality and method used in installing, the lifespan and performance of your laminate flooring will be affected.
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When preparing for your laminate flooring installation, it is advisable to follow some steps that will assure a successful installation.
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The first step to take is to clear out from your room, where you will do the installation, the furniture, appliances and other things that will break. You will have then a clean and uncluttered room where you conduct the installation. Your next step is to remove the present flooring of the room if need be. Know that you can place atop on any flooring the laminates except on carpet. But for a cleaner installation, it is advisable to remove other types of flooring like wood, linoleum, and others. Your next pointer to prepare the laminate before installation is to let the material adjust to the environment of the room, and you can do these by laying these materials on the floor of the room and leave for around 48 hours. The last but not the least preparation before you install the laminates is to lay a piece of foam or similar material and install the laminate on top of it, given the manufacturer of your laminates would suggest it. This procedure will help the laminate from wicking up and destruction because it will cushion the floor, absorb the sound and prevent moisture. Aside from the various ways of installing your laminate flooring, your next decision to make is if hiring somebody to do it for you, or you do the installation yourself where you can save hundreds of dollars in the process.