Loses erection why?

Loses erection why?
Lost erection — what to do? This is a question asked by millions of men who first confronted with this problem. Typically, it occurs after the age of thirty, but in recent years, erectile dysfunction is getting younger, and at the crucial moment can bring even very young guy.Before you start the treatment of erectile dysfunction (and not all men in the end did not take it), need to figure out why a man loses erection. This result can give a whole range of factors from undertreated infectious diseases to normal stress. For an effective treatment it is necessary to consider a special case, most likely, research health conditions and lifestyle men will answer all the questions.

Most often the reason before intercourse erection disappears, is the poor condition of the vessels. We must remember that the penis is one of the most saturated the vessels. During erection it is almost completely filled with blood and swells. If men having problems with blood circulation, for example, due to frequent Smoking or other disorders, stable erection can not count at all.

Also unstable erection can indicate the presence of serious diseases, for example, prostate adenoma, and malignant tumors. To treat in this case is the reason identified in the survey. And our sex life will recover its course, if other pathologies in this case.

Starts as impotence ? During intercourse erection disappears and for completely different reasons, often not associated with any pathology. Has an important role to play drunk alcohol, some drugs, sedatives, and even stress. Often this reaction occurs only in contact with one partner. If a person dear to you, you should immediately contact a sex therapist, and sometimes a psychologist. The problem may be purely psychological, and the bed is not connected.

Often the main reason because of which it loses erection when wearing a condom (it would seem that the proximity about to take place) is a long-term abstinence. We are talking about the absence of an intimate relationship for more than a month — for the male body is a serious challenge. Erection in this case is reduced spontaneously, add to that the excitement that is experienced by man before the long-awaited sex, the result will be obvious.

Whatever the causes of this disorder, unstable erection is a significant reason to go to the doctor, and not only to the urologist, but also to the sex therapist. It is best to pass all the necessary tests and get a full examination. To ignore the problem as it can lead to infertility or worse, impotence. Even if you only a few times have noticed such a need to start treatment soon. Remember, active sex life can restore almost any age, but only with proper, responsible approach to the treatment and diagnosis of diseases.